How Scintilla Farms Adapted Their Model During COVID-19 and Created a Seamless Microgreens Farm Operations That Helped Them Keep Supporting Their Local Community

Posted in Marketing on October 26, 2020

Scintilla Farms Microgreen Farm

What happened to microgreens farms during COVID-19? Possibly the worst thing to us was that people backed off more than they had to. It introduced a new challenge for farmers all over North America and the world. At the same time many new farms were founded due to the increased number of people that were laid off. A turbulent environment with a lot of challenges.

Why Consistency Will Help You Grow Your New Microgreen Farm

Posted in Marketing on October 12, 2020


Growing microgreens is simple. The tougher challenge arrives when you want to run it as a business. You would start by learning how to grow a small set of test crops. Even one 1012 tray is considered as a good start. The goal would be reaching down to a point you can hit a constant quality on a schedule. Once this is done, then you can add 3 more trays. Once you have this experience, Read More »

How to Check if People Discover Your Farm on Google Maps and What to Do if They Don't

Posted in Marketing on September 14, 2020

If you are growing your own microgreen farm and looking to get extra visibility from potential customers who are discovering your farm for free through Google then this blog post is for you. And when we mention Google, we mostly refer to the placements you can be given under the map. See image below. The first 3 placements get more than 50% of all the attention and it really makes sense planning a series of Read More »

Three Main Marketing Concepts to Help Every Microgreen Farmer Establish a Decent Online Presence

Posted in Marketing on September 7, 2020

Marketing is a cool tool and it often plays a key role when a farmer is using it to sell out their weekly microgreens produce. Using digital marketing in farming is a huge topic and it could turn into a long conversation if we decide to do an extended analysis and compare a wide list with options. The goal in this post is covering the basics - main type of marketing and the kinds of Read More »