5 Essential Tips on Promoting Your Farm Efficiently on Social Media

Posted in Marketing on November 23, 2020

Last time we covered the basics for microgreens farmers to promote their businesses efficiently. In this post we'll elaborate with more practical advice and insights that can help you craft a plan to work on yourself or with the help of an experienced third party company or a freelancer.

1. Research where you ideal customer is and chose the platform where you can be sure your message is being heard and valued

Not every social media is made equally. Knowing your customers will help you figure out which social media platforms they use the most and this will give you a clue where you should focus your efforts the most.

Based on exploring multiple farms and their social media profiles we can conclude that Instagram is currently the #1 most efficient platform to promote yourself.

Our simple advice would be taking a look at what other farmers are doing on Instagram. This applies even for farmers who already have their Instagram profile up and running. See how the most skillful guys are taking advantage on sharing stories and stunning shots with well crafted hashtags. This is exactly what you should do as well.

2. Make sure your social media profile has personality

Neil Patel has a great blog post on The 10 Elements of a Successful Social Media Profile. Explore it carefully and spend time working on each single element from Neil's list.

One of the widely underestimated keyword here is: CONSISTENCY.

Be consistent with your messages, colors and tone of voice everywhere.

3. Remember that quality matters

Your efforts to produce fresh and tasty veggies for your customers should be transmitted in the quality of content you produce as well.

Really engaging posts, using photos and video, will deliver more value than constant mediocre content. Quality beats quantity every time.

Here's a fantastic blog post that elaborates on Quality vs Quantity in social media.

4. Variety Pays Off

A great tool for high quality content is Pinterest. If you are stuck with ideas on how to introduce what you're doing then recycle them from Pinterest.

You'd also need to know that some networks like Twitter allow you posting multiple times a day. Take advantage on that to find out which hours tend to attract the most attention. Then use the same apply the same information for Facebook, Instagram or both.

If your camera can do stunning shots, you should be mostly sharing stunning pictures from your farm.

5. Use words such as “how, what and why” to encourage participation.

An alternative option is using polls. Goal is to find out what your customers really think.

Listening to your customers' conversations could determine the language you're using when talking to them.

Possibly the easiest way to fetch different conversations related with microgreens farming is by joining Facebook groups devoted on organic food produced in local farms.


Efficient social media marketing shouldn't be overthinked. If you could afford it, be consistent both with the quality and the frequency of content. This will soon starts paying off and you'll begin noticing different types of positive results for your farm brand.

What advice would you add based on your own experience with social media?

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