The Best Microgreens Podcasts You Can Listen for Industry Updates & Insightful Interviews

Posted in Education on July 3, 2021

In a nutshell, not every show will justify your attention. We have picked some of the most valuable podcasts you can subscribe to and listen to for industry updates and insightful interviews with experts and seasoned farmers.

Here's a short list with the ones that captured our own attention:

Farm Land 

A unique blend of science and business all focused around farming. Each week features farmers, scientists, and experts sharing insights into topics like soil science, raising livestock, crop growing, composting, cover cropping, modern farm business, microgreens, no-till, and permaculture, among other things! Farm Land is a collection of farm-related podcasts produced by Diego Footer's Modern Grower Podcast Network.

The Microgreens Entrepreneur Podcast

Are you thinking of starting, or are you already engaged in the business of growing and selling microgreens? The Microgreens Entrepreneur podcast aims to provide valuable information to anyone thinking of getting started growing and selling microgreens, and also to those already engaged in the business. Knowledge is shared in solo episodes by the host Brian, and also by industry experts, and other microgreens business owners through interviews. Hey, I'm Brian, the podcast host. I run a microgreens business out of a spare bedroom in my home, I also have a degree in horticulture. I want to pass on the knowledge I've learned on my journey to others, and also continue to learn myself in the process. Expect a new episode every Monday. Thanks so much for listening.

The Garden Kickback

Urban gardeners delivering food growing advice. They will inspire you and make you laugh. You'll get insights into the highs and lows of growing your own food. Hosts will be talking about gardening in small spaces, growing food indoors and outdoors, aeroponics, hydroponics, aquaponics, microgreens, farming, composting, houseplants, and more.

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