Why Consistency Will Help You Grow Your New Microgreen Farm

Posted in Marketing on October 12, 2020

Growing microgreens is simple. The tougher challenge arrives when you want to run it as a business.

You would start by learning how to grow a small set of test crops. Even one 1012 tray is considered as a good start.

The goal would be reaching down to a point you can hit a constant quality on a schedule. Once this is done, then you can add 3 more trays.

Once you have this experience, decide if you want to commit time and include administrating a small business, marketing and sales.

The Website

Many farmers go after building a website on their own.

Our rule of thumb is this: focus on simplicity first and then build it up. Don't let your perfectionism keep you away of doing the most important activities - hitting high quality produce on a schedule and filling your calendar with appointments for delivery (regardless if it is for restaurants, farm markets or local buyers from the neighborhood).

Customer service is another big thing you need to focus on a lot in the beginning.

In fact we've seen farms without any websites that are still doing very well. They are using a few social media profiles to market themselves.

Great Communication Skills Matter a Lot

When we say it matters, it doesn't mean you can't do it even if you are an introvert. Your soft skills will often determine whether a client will make a decision to purchase when you're talking with them.

If you feel you have a disadvantage, just take it as a challenge. Microgreens farming arrives with an opportunity to improve some of your skills you've been neglecting for a while.

Consistency Wins Over Talent

Consistent people are pretty rare. If you can learn to cultivate consistency in your work, you'll eventually beat any talent, luck, skill, and even quality — just by being consistent.

Consistency will make you feel like a loser.

All the time spent on working, trying and failing again and again may make you think you’re a loser. The 'secret' is not listening to that voices in your head for a while while focusing on your game.

Reading and Watching Other Farmer's Stories Who Started Recently Actually Helps a Lot

If you are about to launch your farm feel free to take a look what others are doing.

In fact many of the farmers we've been interviewing for the blog started their farms this year (2020).

Amy Salas started learning about microgreens in March of 2020, when her work place was shut down due to Covid-19. Soon after that she launched her own farm Ninja Greens.

Melissa founded SuperNatural Sprouts in an attempt to redefine her purpose, a passion for organic nutrition, and a desire to know how to grow her own food.

Melissa - founder and owner/operator of SuperNatural Sprouts

Co-founders of Orlando Microgreens, Linda & Marcus wanted to find something they both love doing together, something they could have fun doing.

They brainstormed and watched YouTube videos. Googled and doodled as Linda likes saying. They were able to launch their own farm in less than two months after starting.

Co-founders of Orlando Microgreens, Linda & Marcus
Co-founders of Orlando Microgreens, Linda & Marcus

The good thing about microgreens is that many farmers are happy to share their stories and freely giveaway a lot of their know-how..

The goal of this post is to help you make a conclusion that starting a farm isn't that touch if you are willing to put the efforts constantly until and even after you start seeing your first results.

Have your own story to share? Do not hesitate to get on touch.

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