Reviewing 3 Budget Tricycles You Can Adapt for Microgreens Delivery

Posted in Reviews on September 18, 2021

You will benefit the most from this blog post if you have already:

  • launched your microgeens farm and looking for an efficient way to reach your customers in the neighbourhood;
  • looking to replace your current tricycle and upgrade to a better model
  • looking to convert from using your van to a more savvy and efficient way to reach your customer;

Delivering the produce yourself? - this is definitely going to improve your health as well with all the extra benefits coming with that.

Now let's head over to a couple of tricycle reviews you can get delivered in front of your door from Amazon. We'll pick models that cost under $1,000 to start with and then move to higher class models in the next blog post. As Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases.

The 3-Wheeled H&ZT Tricycle Available in 20, 24, 26 & 27.5 Inch Wheels with 7 Speed & Adjustable Handlebar & Seat

The model is available in multiple colors and wheel sizes. The picture above shows the mint color

It's marketed as a cruise trak with a large basket, however, it might be the perfect fit for your local microgreen farm operations to deliver your produce to customers located within a radius of 5-7 miles from your farm.

Here are the options that come with this model:

  • 16 available colors: Alaskan Moss, Aqua, Avocado, Buccaneer Blue, Coral, Dark Green, Dark Red, Green, Light Pink, Mint Purple, Rose-Purple, Rose-Red, Stars-Stripes, White, Yellow.
  • 4 different sizes of the wheels: 20, 24, 26 and 27.5 Inch wheels - just have in mind that at times not all sizes are available for purchase.
  • Mountain Bike versions with a different design of the chasis & another set of unique colors.
This is how the mountain bike version looks like

By the way, not every color is equal. After all you're choosing a tricycle for your microgreen business and not for an afternoon cruise in the neighborhood - a pleasant exercise you can still enjoy when not involved directly in delivery. There will be another blog post on colors that will help you understand why you should pick a specific set of colors that will help your customers recognize you as a sustainable and reliable local choice for microgreens delivery.

If you want to take a closer look at this particular model on the picture shown above, here's a link to follow (if not available you'll most likely be forwarded to another available model & displayed color might be different.

There are certain specifics coming with this model and if you need a detailed review on the assembly, pros and cons then review the paragraphs below.

Pros of the 3-Wheeled H&ZT Tricycle

  • very affordable price for its class;
  • solid construction.

Pros of the 3-Wheeled H&ZT Tricycle

  • very complex to assemble and time consuming - basically our advice would be purchasing it only if you like challenges and can afford spending a whole afternoon in figuring out how to assemble it properly.

To overcome to issue with the assembling you may ask a local bike shop for help.

Let's review one more model below:

3 Wheeled Mountain Tricycle with 7-Speed with 24, 26 & 27.5 inch Wheels Featuring Disc Brakes, & a Cargo Basket by MOPHOTO

Like the previous model, it's marketed as a cruise trak for adults and comes with a large basket that's convenient for shopping as well besides the primary purpose related to delivery if you're considering it from the standpoint of a microgreens farmer.

3 Wheeled Mountain Tricycle with 7-Speed for microgreens delivery

This model comes with disc brakes and could be a great choice for delivery within 8-10 miles range.

Here are the available options for this model:

  • 16 colors to choose from: Black and Green, Cool Blue, Cool Red, Navy Purple, Neon Green, Pastel Green, Pink and Warm Black;
  • 3 different sizes of the wheels: 24, 26 and 27.5 Inch wheels - to prevent yourself from a situation where you'd need to wait more for the size you need, we'd advice you planning the purchase from earlier.

As mentioned above, colors in the business matter and we'll elaborate more in an upcoming blog post.

If you want to take a closer look in MOPHOTO as a brand with it's own version of tricycle, here's a link to follow.

Below are a couple of pros and cons you need to consider before taking a conclusion if it's worth purchasing it:

Pros of the 3 Wheeled Mountain Tricycle:

  • BIG basket - contains enough space to carry 15 to 20 boxes of microgreens ready for delivery;
  • sturdy construction - it's made by a high quality iron and it can support rider and cargo combined weight up to 400 lbs;
  • not too hard to assemble - unlike the model we wenth through initially, his one is much easier to assember;
  • wide application - besides it's obvious purpose for microgreen farmers it can be also used for other activities like recreation, shopping or exercise

BONUS: The MOPHOTO Mountain Tricycle comes with a one-year warranty on all defective or damaged parts.

Cons of the 3 Wheeled Mountain Tricycle:

  • assmebly is required - it will be delivered with user manual and assembly tool;
  • wrong parts and malfunction tools and even wrong manual may sometimes cause you extra hassle that you'd need to overcome;
  • tires might blow right away - check your tire seal and tires before adding air.

And now let's head over to the third model reviewed in this blog post:

The Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle, 24 or 26-Inch Wheel Options, Low Step-Through Aluminum Frame, Cargo Basket, Multiple Colors

Raising the level with this model.

Unlike the previous models, this one belongs to Schwinn - a brand that started its life back in the 19th century.

Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

Here are the available options for this model:

  • 9 colors to choose from: Black, Black Cherry, Blue, Dark Silver, Green, Periwinkle, Red, Slate Blue, White;
  • It comes with 24 and 26-Inch wheel versions;
  • Choose between 1, 3 & 7 speeds models

Pros of the Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

  • The large basket on the bike is great for carrying an average order for 8-10 or your regular customers in the neighbourhood;
  • rolls smoothly over paved roads;
  • reliable dual V-brake and band brake system ensure riders stop quickly
  • Schwinn includes a five-year limited warranty with the bike.

Cons of the Schwinn Meridian Adult Tricycle

  • don't forget that this model was not originally built to ease your domestic delivery - it might be a budget solution until you get some extra traction and can afford ordering some of the higher end models adapted for microgreens delivery.

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