3 Fundamental Ways to Promote Your Microgreen Farm Online and Get Clients

Posted in Marketing on November 16, 2020

The 'secret' to getting the most out of your farm is utilizing the most marketing channels possible and measuring their efficiency for a certain period of time.

There's nothing wrong relying on only one channel and more over you'll be still getting about 80% of sales out of just 20% of everything you're doing. The point is that you'd still need to figure out what are that 20%.

Here are a couple of the essential ways to build your name in your service areas. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Build a Business First

Just starting on farmers market could bring you the initial confidence that you're doing something right. Many farmers stop here and stick to what they already have. While this is still fine, it's not what business really is.

Michael Gerber describes this really well in his book The E-Myth.

Promoting a well functioning business as a microgreens farm will produce significantly better results not only in terms of higher income, but it will also impact the locally community much more efficiently.

Develop Your Google My Business Profile

People looking for 'microgreens farm' in your area have much higher chance discovering your farm if it's placed on the Google Maps though your Google My Business profile.

Even paid advertising on Google can't replace a well developed local profil with a handful of positive reviews.

This is why it's simply essential to have your Google My Business profile set up, up and running. Fortunately there are many easy to understand guides that can help you sign up, fill in all the required info and claim a business local page with Google.

Statistically about 50% of all the clicks on page 1 go to the top 3 Google Maps results visible at the top of the search results.

Get the most out of Instagram & Pinterest

Both Instagram & Pinterest rely heavily on visual content like stunning shots and videos.

Both social media platforms are relatively easy to manage and there are even marketing services to help you automate the process of scheduling the content and interacting with people who like it.

If you don't have any experience you could talk to a social media management agency or a freelancer who could consult you on what your options are.

There are many microgreen farms heavily relying on their Instagram profile to spread the word about their produce locally. What makes things a bit easier are the stunning shots many farmers are taking to their greens.

Even sharing stunning shots and no videos at all can still bring you a local recognition and repeating sales.

In fact there are many more ways to promote your business utilizing the power of social media and local marketing.

Each strategy described in this blog post has its own specifics and we are happy to share more insights in the upcoming blog posts.

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