Best Microgreen Farms in Toronto in 2021

Posted in Marketing on December 28, 2020
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If you live in Toronto or in the area close to the city there are a couple of options to choose from to purchase tasty microgreens delivered at your home.

One of the most reputable farms in the area is:

Living Earth Farm

Living Earth Farm is a certified organic vertical farm that specializes in year round premium quality microgreens and baby greens. They are located in Toronto and focus on producing food that is sustainable for the environment, delicious and nutritious. 

Their produce is grown year-round indoors in their urban farm facility. The farm utilize a combination of traditional organic farming practices with cutting edge technological advancements that creates a perfect plant environment year round.

About their products:

Living Earth Farms offers ready to eat convenience and freshness you can smell and taste with every clamshell.

The farm's certified organic microgreens and baby greens are grown in a state of the art indoor vertical farm where the summer bounty and flavor is available year round.

Where to buy:

Here's a list of all available ways to purchase microgreens from Living Earth Farms.

You can check the farm's Instagram profile at:

Junction Microgreens

Junction Microgreens is a family business located off Dundas Street West, just east of Keele Street, while the 'farmhouse' is on Indian Road.

They've been growing microgreens for the last year or so, initially for themselves, then for friends and family, and now also for their neighbors around this part of west Toronto.

Dirk, a keen gardener since childhood, does the growing. Florence, the entrepreneur and healthy food mom, leads online. Oliver helps with delivery and social media, while Rosalie is an all-rounder, pitching in everywhere she can help.

About their products:

Junction Microgreens supplies freshly-harvested microgreens to households and eateries across West Toronto*, either delivered or picked up from their Junction location.

They can also supply organic seeds for many of the most popular varieties. Their seed packs contain the right quantity of seeds for two 5” x 10” trays (as supplied with the grow-your-own kits).

Where to buy:

You can purchase fresh microgreens straight on the farm's website.

Alternatively, you could choose to purchase from their organic seeds & kits, again on their website.

Overall, their whole team is super supportive and can give anyone interested in growing microgreens at their home a head start.

Email them at [email protected] or via Instagram at @JunctionMicrogreens. They'd love to hear from you.

Crown Sprouts

Crown Sprouts is a bit less known indoor vertical farm in Scarborough. They produce organic, GMO-free microgreens and hydroponic sprouts.

Crown Sprouts provides food that customers love, day after day after day.

About their products:

The farm offers a huge variety of greens available for sale on different local retail markets.

Where to buy:

To find a list with all local retail markets of this farm follow this link (scroll down to the half of the page and look for the FIND US section).

You can also call them at 647.346.4500 or email them at [email protected]

Here's a link to the farm's Facebook fan page:

Based in Toronto and buying from another farm? We'd love to hear from you in the comments and expand this blog post by featuring all the missing farms. Toronto is a large city and it would be cool to be able to include more farms covering different neighborhoods.

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