Are Microgreens Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs)?

Posted in Education on August 4, 2021

Short answer: Microgreens are not GMO's unless GMO seeds were used.

They might be smaller by size, however, they are not genetically modified to be small. They are just harvested shortly after they have started growing and what you've probably seen already is their natural size.

And of course, if you used GMO seeds, you'll get microgreens that are GMOs as well. If your goal is eating non-GMO food, then make sure you carefully check the source you're purchasing seeds from.

Probably the only microgreens kind of plant you need to be a bit more concerned about is the wheatgrass - there’d be a good chance it is GMO, unless the seed you used was specifically labeled as non-GMO.

If you're buying wheatgrass from a local farmers market, then ask the right questions to find out how much the farmer cares about their produce. Or your best bet is just to avoid purchasing that plant at any price and growing it all yourself.

Common Mistake

Very often people hybrid, and heirloom seeds with GMOs.


GMO refers to the DNA alteration of an organism to produce a desirable outcome. In food production, like soy and corn, it helps to enhance the production rate and resistance against many pathogens.


For hybrid, it means the seeds were produced by the crossed-pollinated plants.

Most microgreens you notice in the market nowadays are planted using the organic heirloom seeds, which are mostly non-GMO. And once again, if you are not sure, verify that with your seed supplier before buying.

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