Slovenian farm ReactGreen Launches Their Own Online Store

Posted in News on March 6, 2021

Slovenian farm ReactGreen that was featured on Microgreenology last year launched their own online store. The store offers a balanced variety of microgreens seeds and edible flowers as well as essential equipment like trays, pots and organic soil. Read more below.

A closer look at the store will help you discover a few unique offerings like:

  • “Start - Growing Microgreens” - ReactGreen’s own online course on Teachable.
  • BOX INDOOR FARM - Growing Shipping Container

Microgreenology covered details about the online course in a previous publication.

Microgreens Growing Shipping Container

Geoponica's Microgreens Growing Shipping Container sold by ReactGreen

One of the most exotic listings on their store displays this custom designed growing container. Truth is it belongs to an Italian company called Geoponica.

Slovenia & Italy are neighbours and such kid of partnerships are quite common for that part of the world.

It's a fact: You don’t see a listing like this every day.

This is a whole microgreens growing shipping container to bring agriculture anywhere in the world.

It comes with:

  • Rack cultivation facility with automated reflux flow system (2 racks - 3 shelves per rack).
  • Fertigation system that controls and manages production through an App.
  • Specific conditioning and dehumidification system for indoor farms and many others features and benefits worth reviewing in a separate publication.

If this is the first time you land on ReactGreen as a brand then definitely find out more about their unique story here:

Slovenian Farm ReactGreen's Amazing Story: From -7.500€ To 80.000€ Yearly Revenue in 5 Years

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