Microgreen's List of Spiciest Microgreens You Can Enjoy with Your Meals

Posted in Education on April 5, 2021

Regardless the fact if you are a farmer or you just enjoy purchasing microgreens from a local farm and regularly include them in your meals as a consumer, you are already acquainted with the spicy varieties tasting really great. In this post we'll review the top 4 spiciest microgreens you can purchase from almost every farmer's market or online.


Yeah, radish πŸ™‚ If you're a seasoned farmer or a consumer it might sound like one of the most boring plants to start the list with. Radish microgreens are most known for their spicy punch.

There's a great variety of colors available and a range of specific spicy tastes.

They are amongst the easiest and quickest to grow & always a great choice for first time growers.

Growing Radish Microgreens: 5 Easy Steps to Follow

The Best Sources for Purchasing Microgreen Radish Seeds


The most wide spread mustard varieties are spicy. Probably the most representative spicy kind of mustard you can enjoy is the Wasabi Mustard.

The Wasabi is a great add on for almost any meal including spring rolls & sandwiches as a sandwich topping.

Since you'll be experiencing a spicier kind when consuming you can control the spicy flavor by adjusting how many microgreens you add to your dish.

Wasabi Mustard

If you are interested to try something really bold & spicy, try growing or purchasing Wasabi Mustard.


Argula is another spicy green with more flavor and spice than its adult counterpart. It has a complex flavor of nuttiness and spice. It's great for sandwiches. Some people munch them down on their own to replace a traditional snack.

This is a limited list of just 3 of the spiciest microgreens. What's your own favorite choice?

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