Growing Radish Microgreens: 5 Easy Steps to Follow

Posted in Education on January 18, 2021

Growing radish microgreens is essential for almost every microgreen farmer including all the guys we've been interviewing on Microgreenology since Spring 2020. You can find all the interviews in the 'Success Stories' section of the blog.

And as clarified in the blog post devoted on choosing the best source to purchase radish seeds, there are more than 30 varieties of microgreen radish.

Good news is that steps to grow tasty radish microgreens are identical regardless their sub-variety.

We've went through the common way of growing radish microgreens - it's applicable for all varieties. Just FYI, as an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

Let's begin with the essential tools, equipment and seeds you'd need first:

  1. Radish seeds
  2. Trays: one inch deep, 10 x 20'' with holes
  3. Soil or terra fiber matte
  4. 3% Hydrogen Proxite
  5. A misting bottle
  6. Electronic scale (optional)
  7. A shaker (optional)

STEP 1: Measure 45 Grams of Radish Seeds with the Help of Your Electronic Scale

STEP 2: Spread The Seeds as Even as Possible

If done with a shaker it's much more easier, but you won't have any significant difficulties even if you use a plain container and your hands.

Just avoid having bigger clumps of seeds in certain areas unless you want to experiment and see what mold can cause to your radish seeds..

If you're using terrified mats and accidently pour more seeds in a certain area, you can still spread them with your hand. This will be much more difficult if you're using soil.

STEP 3: Misting Your Seeds Evenly with 1:10 mix of 3% Hydrogen Proxite and Water

Keep doing this until you start bottom watering.

Go around the edges of the tray first and remember not to overdo it, because if it becomes sopping wet, it may cause issues with mold.

STEP 4: Put a Weight on Your Tray & Put it On Your Rack For Germination

STEP 5: Keep Pouring The Radish Seeds Once a Day Until Day 4 or 5

After day 5 just remove the weight and keep watering with the misting bottle until they are ready for covering with a solid one or two inch tray.

Harvest on Day 12.

Rinse and repeat that with your own radish seeds.

To find out more details and have someone showing you exactly how it's done, we'd recommend you watching 'Growing RADISH MICROGREENS. How I do it!' by Spring Hill Farms:

A question for the more experienced:

What's your favorite way to grow radish microgreens?

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