Introducing Microgreenology's Map of Microgreens Farms

Posted in Success Stories on June 25, 2020

This is a Google Map with locations of microgreen farms that were featured on Microgreenology. We got farms featured in United States, Canada, Republic of Ireland and Slovenia.

In fact COVID-19 actually contributed for the foundation of a number of new companies. Globally we are probably talking about hundreds or even thousands of new microgreen farms.

Microgreens Farming is on the Rise

Google Trends above displays the unseen raise of interest in microgreens in the past couple of months. This was great for blogs featuring farmers like Microgreenology as there are so many new exciting success stories that people are willing to share.

Here's the form you can use in case you are a farmer willing to share your story:


Notable stories worth checking:

NYC based Farm One's blog post that reveals how they became Urban Chef's Farm of The Future.

The inspiring story of Don and Finest Foods.

Local Leaves' story told by it's founder Tess who's a third generation gardener.

Slovenian Farm ReactGreen's authentic story.

The inspiring story of Orlando Microgreens: A Microgreen Farm That Launched Under COVID-19.

What to do next:

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And again, if you wish to be featured on the blog just fill in the form in the middle of the blog post or visit the 'Get Featured' page.

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