An Interview with the Founder of Geoponica

Posted in Success Stories on April 25, 2021

#1. What's the story behind Geoponica's Box Indoor Farm?

(how did you end up inventing it - what was the turning point that persuaded you it's worth working on a project like that)

Box Indoor Farm was born in 2014 after participating in a European project ERANETMED in which with many partners from the Mediterranean area we presented a prototype of a self-sufficient greenhouse and the project was called GREEN WATER.

Already from that idea there was a need to bring agriculture in a protected environment everywhere, even in areas with difficult climatic conditions, both hot and cold extremes.

The evolution of the self-sufficient greenhouse prototype has come to the present day with the creation of an indoor product that can be taken anywhere, self-sufficient in energy and is automated to grow greens and microgreens.

The interest of many Italian and foreign investors led us to study this complete and competitive system. We had to consider every point from the cost of the system to finding local dealers in Egypt, Kenya, Jordan, Europe, Argentina and the Caribbean area.

#2. What were the obstacles you had to overcome to end up with the Box Indoor Farm the way it looks and operates today?

The only obstacles are related to having a market for the sale of the product grown internally. But we believe that the COVID 19 pandemic has made us understand that the closer we are to the consumer "from farm to fork", the more we can develop the BOX INDOOR FARM in the world.

#3. Who is it for and what are the advantages growing greens inside a container compared to the other alternatives?

BOX INDOOR FARM is aimed at private investors who in urbanized places can think of supplying fresh products at zero km. Furthermore, both large-scale distribution and the whole world of HORECA can think of creating a network of production points to supply themselves automatically and close to the points of sale and hotels and resorts of green leafs and microgreens.

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