7 Best Sprouting Jars to Grow Sprouts in Your Kitchen

Posted in Reviews on January 4, 2021

Sprouting Jars are an alternative medium for growing sprouts for starters. They are often offered as bundles that include almost everything to get started like the jars themselves, stainless steel or plastic sprouting lids, drip trays and stands. All this makes it a perfect gift as well.

We've picked 12 of the best sprouting jars for you to compare and the one that fits you most. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

3 Best Picks Microgreens Sprouting Jars

Find our 3 best picks in the table below. You'll find the rest after the table.

Best 2021Complete Mason Jar Sprouting KitPremium Seed Sprouting Jar KitSeed Sprouting Jar Kit by Kenley
Main imagesprouting jars 1sprouting jars 2sprouting jars 3
Pros- Food Safe Material - The thick soda-lime glass is lead free and non-porous - makes the sprouting Jars much durable, safe to use and clean.
- The quart size and wide mouth provide an ample room to grow sprouts and easily access.
- This ceramic tray provides stability for the rack and the mason jars.
Combining function with style, this one of a kind sprouting kit will suit any decor making it a practical, classy and interesting addition or gift for every kitchen or living room.Easy to drain, easy to clean, seeds sprout FAST, Easier to use a small bowl or plate.
ConsNo screw tops to keep screens in place. Need to be be purchased separately in order to use.The glass can be very fragile.

The stand is unequal to the task of supporting these hanging glass jars.

Might be a bit smaller to use it long term.
The only cons are the stainless holder rusts thus the ceramic tray stains quickly.
Our VerdictThis set could be both a fantastic gift and used personally for your kitchen. The wire screens work well to keep the seeds in. This ceramic tray provides stability for the rack and the mason jars. We highly recommend this jar set if you want to grow sprouts.Good for smaller experiments. 30oz may sounds great, but in reality its just not enough volume.Definitely get the 2 pack so you don't run out!
Extras Package includes 2 X glass Jars, 2 X 316 stainless steel sprouting lids, 1 X ceramics drip tray and 1 X 304 stainless steel stand Package includes custom made sprouting jar, stainless steel rust proof sprouting lids, rust resistant sprouting jar stand, drip tray This Kenley sprouting kit contains 2 regular mouth glass mason jars (3/4 quart size) with accessories: sprouting lids and screens, 2 sturdy stands and 2 ceramic trays.

Overall, if you are interested to start using the jars on a regular basis, they are much more cost-effective than purchasing in the store. It's the easiest way to have fresh food at home.

What other sprouting jars you could consider?

4. Sprouting Jar with Screen Lid by NATURAL ROOTS Store

Sprouting Jar with Screen Lid by NATURAL ROOTS Store

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Works well, sturdy, easy to clean, get mung beans sprouts in 4-5 days.

5. 2 Pack Seed Sprouting Jar Kit by LeafImpact

Seed Sprouting Jar Kit by LeafImpact

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Easy to use. Most sprouts will grow in 3 to 4 days and will be ready to use in salads, smoothies, etc.

6. Seed Sprouting Jar Kit by Juzanl

Seed Sprouting Jar Kit by Juzanl

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Great for one person. Using one tablespoon of sprouts in each jar makes enough sprouts after 5 days to eat a handful every day.

7. Half Gallon Glass Jars (64oz) by 1790

Half Gallon Glass Jars

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Multi use. Need to equip them with sprouting lids if you intend to use them as sprouting jars. Might be a bit bigger for the average user.

In conclusion:

Sprouting Jars are great for growing your sprouts. Be careful when picking your jars as many of the available models come with cons. If you already have jars available you might just need a few sprouting lids.

There are Stackable Stainless Steel Sprouter Kits we are planning to review in some of the next blog posts on Microgreenology.

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