Best Microgreen Trays for Starters Reviewed

Posted in Reviews on November 10, 2020

There are different marketplaces offering microgreen trays for professional farmers looking to offer the highest quality possible to their clients. At the same time there's a growing number of people just curious to try out growing microgreens on their own.

They need a basic tray that's durable enough and safe for use.

Amazon offers plenty of choice and today's post will mention some of the best microgreen trays available for sale. As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.

10 Pieces of 20" x 10" Plant Growing Trays without Drain Holes by Living Whole Foods

These are perfect garden seed starters for indoor gardening suitable for growing microgreens on soil.

They are durable, but be aware that they can break pretty easy if you put a hefty amount of weight on the sides of the tray.

Overall, I think it is a decent product, but the price can be lower for the amount you receive.

10 Microgreens Trays by Living Whole Foods

10-Pack 1020 Garden Growing Trays Without Drain Holes by Wild Green Fingers

A pretty similar model to the one described above, however we found the design and shape more stylish here.

What we liked for this offer as well is that it comes with free plant labels a starting farmer could take advantage on.

Compared to other models these are relatively thick as well.

Durable enough to be drilled without cracking for drainage.

10 Strong Seed Starting Plant Growing Trays by Wild Green Fingers

10 x 20 Inch Black Plastic Propagation Tray by Yield Lab

The standard 10" x 20" size typically accommodates 20 clones or seedlings and this is no different for this model by Yield Lab.

Similar to other models from its class you need to be carefully when putting something heavy on the sides of the tray.

They might be a little flimsy when filled with wet planting soil. Read a few positive and a few negative reviews to make sure you're confident on what you'll be getting with the price tag they come with.

Square Plant Germination Drip Trays for Microgreens by 5GallonBucketHydro

Unlike the previously displayed models, these trays are square and gray. They work great for all forms of germination and are ideal for growing microgreens indoors.

The main advantage of this tray is the size. It's perfect for a smaller room. The size is also known as half flats, these trays are much easier to carry with water in them.

Cost is pretty reasonable for 5 or 10 trays regardless the fact that they are not heavy duty or especially sturdy.

Plant Germination Drip Trays for Microgreens by 5GallonBucketHydro

In conclusion

All the models reviewed in this blog posts are entry level class that will do a perfect job to help you test with a few different kinds of seeds. For more professional trays we'd definitely recommend taking a look at the microgreens trays available at Bootstrap Farmer.

Check the best soil for microgreens - there are a few potting mixes we recommend using on a regular basis.

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