Is Today a Good Day to Start a Microgreens Business

Posted in Uncategorized on April 4, 2020

Right now it's true that:

  • many restaurants are closed and many will go out of business
  • farmers markets are shutting down
  • people don't have money to buy expensive "premium" products

But at the same time, this s a massive for thousands of people to start a Microgreens Business with the best model from the get-go! This is the easiest time to get customers for this model.

For those crossing on this blog post without actually knowing what microgreens is: they are baby fruits and vegetables 7 to 10 days old with 20 times the nutritution and flavor as a mature vegetable.

Microgreens farms are growing and selling these to places like:

  • farmers markers
  • restaurants
  • home delivery
  • grocery stores

Often times there are no real farms, or better say they are micro-farms designed in people's homes.

The entry barriers are remarkably low. With basic equipment you can grow a ton of product in a small space. What's awesome is that the turnaround time is really quick.

What makes microgreens so great?

  • They are absolutely beautiful! - colorful and vibrant
  • Flavor is outstanding!
  • The nutrition is off the charts! - they are considered as a superfood.

It's a well known fact that University of Maryland did a study that found they are up to 40 times more nutrient dense per ounce than mature vegetables.

Imagine side by side: one ounce of mature radish on the left and once ounce of microgreen radish on the right. We are about 40 times more nutrient dense on several different nutrients they measured.

One thing a lot of people don't mention to their clients is that they are so easy to use. A lot of mature vegetables takes prep work - you gotta peal them, chop them, then clean up afterwards, take out the compost..

On the other side with microgreens you just pull them out of the fridge and throw them on our dish.

Soups, salads, omelets, sandwiches, pasta and any kind of garnish dishes - just throw them on everything. They add a splash of color, they look cool, they taste amazing and add a lot of flavor and nutrition and are just so easy to use!

That's one of the reasons why a lot of people start using them and they want to keep using them.

Ok. Clear enough what makes them great for customers

What makes Microgreens Great for me?

There's a number of rare to experience elsewhere benefits:

  • quick turnaround time - seven to ten days for most types (means faster ROI)
  • High profit margin - Out of $20 on average per tray you can hold about 75% as profit
  • You can grow them indoors which translates into year-round consistent income. All you'd need is to provide conditions for consistent temperature
  • Lots of benefits working indoors - No pests, no sun burn, no crazy weather, no bending over your garden all day (not saying spending time outside in a cool garden is not enjoyable)
  • Very small space requirements - a small shelf of 2 foot by 4 foot can contain 16 flats on it. It's 8 square foot area and there even more efficient models. You can crack out a ton of product in a small space
  • Easy to build dialed in system / schedule - as long as temperature and humidity is consistent in your room then your schedule is very consistent - a very systematized business.
  • It's a home business - perfect for quarantine - just convert your spare room, a corner of your garage or part of your basement - turn it into your business. It's a source of food too, so if you have any extra there's no need to throw it away.

If you end up growing microgreens and for some reason you don't love the business, you still have an awesome system to out food in your house which is going to give you good food security during times of crisis like we are going through now.

All right. Do people really buy these?

A lot of room for growing.

A lot of people you can talk to still don't use microgreens. Or they haven't even heard of microgreens.

At the same time many people know about them - bought them, used them, love them and they keep using them.

The potential for growth is massive!

  • Google Trends showing the interest for for miccrogreens for the last 5 years.

Want to learn more about how you can start a microgreens business?

There are plenty of spaces, but I'd recommend sticking to one main hub to minimize the damage of consuming too much information.

This introduction wouldn't be possible without the teachings of Nate Dodson. Go check Microgreens Farmer which is a great place to start learning about microgreens. He has lots of practical know how organized in various ways for easy learning and practicing.

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