Looking for The Best Small Greenhouses for Microgreens

Posted in Success Stories on July 13, 2020

Simply put, choosing the best greenhouse for microgreens might be a different challenge for different farmers. We'll try following a heuristic approach and pick the best fit for farms of different size.

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Greenhouses sizes:

They are separated by different ranges of widths and lengths. Some experts advice getting one that's at least 6ft wide and even 8ft wide. With that size you'll be able to introduce staging shelves on both sides.

The recommended eaves size should be at least 1.5 or 5 feet tall which will provide more light.

In short: Pick the biggest you can get and have space for.

The Best Greenhouse for Small Sized Microgreen Farms

Our definition of small: By small we refer to operations growing greens to supply their own needs. They are usually run by families who wish to grow their own organic produce.

Our definition doesn't refer to a size.

You can discover that other authorities define “small” greenhouses as structures which are between 2x4 and 6x6, whether they are small lean-tos or proper freestanding models.

Small Greenhouses for Sale

There are small greenhouses for sale that are a great solution even for a smaller room or indoor gardening. They are a great start to grow the basic kinds of microgreens like peas, basil, radish and sunflowers.

The short list below includes some of the most appealing, functional and fair priced small greenhouses:

Based in the UK? Check this wonderful guide on choosing small greenhouses by GreenHouseStores.co.uk.

By the way, while browsing for the best greenhouse fit and if you like building stuff yourself you can still consider the option of constructing the greenhouse on your own.

Buying vs Building: How do you build a small micro greens house

Mike Montgomery overviews the process of building small microgreens greenhouses.

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