San Diego Microgreens Farm on a Mission to Fight the Fast Food Epidemic

Posted in Success Stories on April 22, 2020

They got their first sales just recently, but are already making an impact in their local community.

Meet Albert, David and Mike: 3 guys who started their own microgreens farm at the end of 2019 devoted to serve their local community and provide access to healthy micro veggies.

Here are Albert's insights on their farm:

What's The Name of Your Farm and where are you based?

Local Leaf Microgreens. We are based in San Diego. Serving San Diego and San Diego county.

Follow the farm on Instagram: @localleaf_sd

What Types of Microgreens Do You Currently Grow?

We are currently selling Wasabi, Broccoli, Wheatgrass, Pea and Sunflower and Spring mix.

A stunning shot by Local Leaf Microgreens:
Juicing wheatgrass and mixing freshly squeezed OJ

What kind of clients do you currently serve?

Our current clientele is out of the farmers market. We will be doing business with some local juice shops as well a couple natural foods grocery stores.

The company's stand at Vista Farmers Market

What's Your Business Mission?

The mission of Local Leaf Microgreens is to bring an awareness of the nutritional properties of Microgreens to the San Diego community. We are here to provide an alternative to a fast paced, convenience food society.

What’s the most important thing that you want our readers to know about your microgreens production?

There are multiple purposes to our business.

The first is to provide some awareness to the community and an answer to the fast food epidemic.

We are a brand new business and we started the business with the intention of always giving back to the community. As the business grows, so will our donation to needy families.

Our future goal is to provide free nutritional classes to impoverished communities. We are taking nominations for those needy families on our Instagram at Localleaf_sd. We will be giving back to a different family each week in the San Diego area.

What's The Most Important Message You Have for Microgreenology Readers?

There are a lot of short cuts for getting the nutrition we need. The best way to get the nutrients we need is from whole foods. Powders and other refined forms will lack in the potential nutrient value. With the nutrient density that these microgreens supply, a little planning and creativeness will highly impact your diet and overall life.

If you want to be the next featured microgreens farm you are invited to submit your application following this link.

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