The Best Microgreens Podcasts You Can Listen for Industry Updates & Insightful Interviews

Posted in Education on July 3, 2021

In a nutshell, not every show will justify your attention. We have picked some of the most valuable podcasts you can subscribe to and listen to for industry updates and insightful interviews with experts and seasoned farmers.

Tricycles to Deliver Microgreens in the Neighborhood as a Key Component of Your Urban Farm Delivery Operations

Posted in Education on May 30, 2021

tricycle - bakfiets - box bike for produce delivery

If you're an urban farmer that sustainably grows microgreens, sprouts, and culinary herbs at production scale using a hydroponic vertical farming units then you might find this blog post valuable, especially if you're looking for different options to improve your logistics. There are no secrets for success if you're an urban farmer. Scaling processes infinitely and ethically is the key for growing your business. Every part of your production process should be streamlined for minimal Read More »

An Interview with the Founder of Geoponica

Posted in Success Stories on April 25, 2021

Geoponica's Microgreens Growing Shipping Container

A while ago we mentioned about Geoponica's unique microgreens growing container. We got in touch with the founder Alessandro Pansecco and asked him a few questions as manufacturers specializing in this specific sub-vertical are not too many.

Microgreen's List of Spiciest Microgreens You Can Enjoy with Your Meals

Posted in Education on April 5, 2021

Regardless the fact if you are a farmer or you just enjoy purchasing microgreens from a local farm and regularly include them in your meals as a consumer, you are already acquainted with the spicy varieties tasting really great. In this post we'll review the top 4 spiciest microgreens you can purchase from almost every farmer's market or online. Radish Yeah, radish 🙂 If you're a seasoned farmer or a consumer it might sound like Read More »

A Quick Glance At The Basic Dozen Microgreens Seed Assortment by True Leaf Market

Posted in Reviews on March 21, 2021

seed microgreens assortment

The seed assortment reviewed in this blog post is for those of you considering yourself as a seasoned microgreens fan or at least one already aware of the huge benefits and taste qualities of microgreens. A Great Way to Experiment With Some Variety It contains 12 bags of basic microgreens seeds. Consider this as an expanded list of the most well known greens you might already have crossed on in different blog posts, magazines and Read More »

Cabbage Microgreen Seeds: What's Available on the Market Today

Posted in Reviews on March 13, 2021

cabbage microgreens seeds

There are multiple options for purchasing cabbage microgreen seeds. What comes on top of mind first though is: buying from a local supplier purchasing from a retailer like Amazon As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Local Suppliers vs Amazon and other nationwide suppliers There's no good and bad. If you live in a bigger city you'll be most likely surrounded by at least 3 local suppliers to choose from. Review them, do Read More »

Slovenian farm ReactGreen Launches Their Own Online Store

Posted in News on March 6, 2021

reactgreen shopify store

Slovenian farm ReactGreen that was featured on Microgreenology last year launched their own online store.

The store offers a balanced variety of microgreens seeds and edible flowers as well as essential equipment like trays, pots and organic soil.

Find out more about their unique offerings in today's blog post.

Microgreens vs Sprouts - What’s The Difference and Should You Care?

Posted in Education on February 21, 2021

microgreens vs sprouts

Many people with basic knowledge on microgreens farming would assume that microgreens and sprouts are practically the same thing. Even today many people would still assume that microgreens and sprouts are the same thing. Contrary to very popular belief microgreens, are not the same things as sprouts. After reading this post you should understand what the difference is. All plants start as a seed Think of a seed as an embryo. Seeds are embryos that Read More »

The Best Soil for Microgreens - What to Look For (And What to Avoid)

Posted in Reviews on February 8, 2021

Burpee 8 qt Organic Coir Compressed Seed Starting Mix 1-Brick for Microgreens

Growing microgreens is the fastest, most comprehensible way to get your bow on daily servings of vegetables and herbs, even for the laziest of vegetarians. They are perfect as a garnish on a fresh-baked bagel, delicious in salads, and satisfying as a light meal by themselves. They also make great plant food for your balcony's houseplants! But if you want to eat gorgeous and nutritious vegetables, you'll need to choose the best possible soil for Read More »

How to Grow Amaranth Microgreens

Posted in Education on January 25, 2021

Amaranth microgreens are among farmers top 5 most favorite micro veggies to grow. It's a delicious, gluten-free grain that provides a lot of protein and fiber as well as micronutrients. It reduce people's inflammation, lower cholesterol levels and stimulates weight loss. In today's post we're about to explore the steps for growing the Red Garnet Amaranth. Ingredients you'll need to grow Amaranth Microgreens: Seeds Seed shaker Soil We'd recommend using a 50/50 mix of organic Read More »

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